The Delta Omega Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, was established on December 14, 1923 by Brothers A. A. Kildare of Gamma Chapter, Harry C. Graves of Psi Chapter, and the late Joshua L. Heartwell of Delta Chapter. These brothers were assisted by the late Harold D. Martin and Brothers Wanzer, Reed, Long, and Murray of Zeta Chapter, Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia.

Ten men were initiated into the fraternity on this date. The following candidates who became Brothers were:

  • L. S. Boyer, J. B. Darden, M.D.
  • H. E. Fauntleroy, Sr.
  • Charles H. Gibson
  • B. F. Harris
  • C. V. Harris
  • Luther P. Jackson
  • O. R. Johnson, D.D.S.
  • H. F. McFadden
  • R. H. Williams 

All of the above named brothers have since entered Omega Chapter.

The first Basileus of Delta Omega Chapter was Brother A. A. Kildare. Other chapter officers included:

  • Brothers J. L. Heartwell - Keeper of Records
  • J. B. Darden - Keeper of the Seal
  • Charles H. Gibson - Keeper of Peace
  • L. P. Jackson - Chaplain 

Spring ‘94 (6/25/94)

  1. Michael Eley

  2. Milton Brown Jr.

  3. Roman Trigg

  4. Robert Anderson IV

Spring ‘95 ( 6/10/95)

  1. Edward Smith

  2. Charles Williams (Omega Chapter)

  3. Lloyd Eure (Omega Chapter)

  4. Melvin C. Hunt

  5. Junius Putney III

  6. LaMonte Tucker

  7. Carl Farrell II

  8. DeAndrea Neal

  9. Kevin Thomas

Fall ‘98 (12/12/98)

  1. Keith Melvin (Omega Chapter)

  2. Remus James

  3. Morris Jones

  4. Darrell Jackson

  5. Eugene Brown

Spring ‘99 (7/31/99)

  1. Milton Anderson (Omega Chapter)

  2. Arnold Westbrook Jr

  3. Brian Gwaltney

Spring ‘02 Trials and Tribulations of 8 Lost Souls (4/6/02)

  1. Marvin Anderson

  2. Jonn White

  3. Nathan Moore Sr

  4. Terriel Cooke

  5. Derek Vinson

  6. Kevin Allen Sr

  7. Robert Reese

  8. Dennis Calloway

Spring ‘03 (2/23/03)

  1. Calvin Williams Jr

  2. James Smith

Spring ‘05 5 Degrees of Separation (8/6/05)

  1. Kelvin Simmons

  2. Bo Motley

  3. Bernard Ken Monroe

  4. Nelson Greg Cuffy

  5. Gregory Harris

Spring ‘07

  1. Gerald Sanders

  2. Taurus Smith

  3. Danny Thompson Sr

  4. Silbert Hyndman

  5. James Thorton

Fall ‘09 (11/1/09)

  1. UL Armstrong Jr

  2. Herman Jack Robinson Jr

  3. Shawn Benjamin

  4. Kevin Blackstock

  5. Gregory Keeton

  6. Jeffery Garland

  7. Ronnie Thompson Jr

Spring ‘11 (4/2/11)

Michael Allen I

Evan Davis

Theodore Davis Jr

Antonio Q. Arnold

Harold V. Young Jr

Rashad Pitt Sr

Spring ‘12 $4.03

Leonard Jackson Jr

Austin Wright

Marco Walker

Demetrius Jackson

Michael Parker

Antonio Pride

Bruce Brown

Fall ‘15 7- Walking Dead (8/1/15)

John D. Childress

James Washington Jr

Henry Davis

Tremaine Whitney

Michael Parham

Lynn Martin

Darius Robinson

Fall ‘16 Fast and Furious 6 (11/19/16)

Jajuan Evans

Larry Jordan Jr

John Holmes

Dexter Dean

Mark Hinton

Martin Washington

Fall ‘18 3 Psychqtic Soulz

Lawrence Ferrell

Marlon Penn

Terence Spence

Fall ‘20 12 Disciples of Quevid

Clarence Richardson

Price Davis

Jerome Smalls

Kevin Smith

Devon Jackson

 Joseph Tipado

Troy Mitchell

Derrick Branson

Brian Sevan Gwaltney

Christopher Harrington

Marcus Garner

Brandon Crosby

Brother Craig Branch

Brother Henry Davis
Vice Basileus

Brother Brian K. Rhodes
Keeper of Records & Seal

Brother John White
Keeper of Finance

Brother Darien Kearney
Keeper of Peace

Brother Dr. Rossie D. Johnson
Immediate Past Basileus